…Defenders Of Pegasoi… Chapter 1


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” Duchess and Kynne had left a day earlier to scout out the surrounding environment as a plea from the Magician’s Order Of Alegria’s Bay reached their encampment. Sorchiee had read the waxen sealed rolled parchment aloud to Duchess and Kynne as they stood barefoot around their campfire. It was clear a strange presence had indeed wandered onto their lands, but until now they did not take notice of it. Algeria’s urgent call for help had awoken the warrior within them all and it only took a matter of moments before Duchess and Kynne began to armor up and ready their packs. Sorchiee set the parchment down and stared at it for a good long while before setting it to the fire. She looked up at Duchess and Kynne as they stood ready to depart. “Take the Cats…It’ll be a long way and I fear you’ll need their unique talents…” She watched as one of the wild cats ripped apart a piece of raw meat. Duchess sucked in her breath and followed Sorchiee’s gaze. “You think it wise?” She asked. Sorchiee shrugged and placed her hands into her pockets. “No. I can’t be sure they’ll follow your orders…However, it’s a chance we’ll have to take. Considering what may be out there…” Sorchiee shook her worries and began to pack her own bag. “You two head out now and I’ll follow at dawn.” Duchess and Kynne both nodded in silent understanding and immediately mounted their wild Cats and took off into the Jungle.

Sorchiee watched them ride off, unease heavy on her brow. She had already started putting out their fire and packing up the tents. She’d muster allies along the way and prayed to the almighty Goddess that Duchess and Kynne would play it safe until she reached them. A screeching call blasted somewhere off to the north and as it screamed, Sorchiee dropped into a bended knee and prayed right then and their. “Let them be safe, let them be swift. May their swords serve them and their beast follow.” She raised her arm and watched as her Falcon flew to her to land safely upon her gloved hand. “We must get word to the Defenders Of Ippos and Pegasoi. Gather our people!” She called out and watched the Falcon fly high above the trees to spread her message…”

Defenders of IpposCREDITS

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